Check Maruti Gypsy Exteriors

Style to match

your needs.

  • Driver's side rear view mirror
  • Spare wheel cover
  • Front footstep assembly
  • Foldable front windscreen**
  • Fibre reinforced plastic*/Removable canvas top**
  • Windshield washer and 3 speed wiper

*Gypsy Hard Top
** Gypsy Soft Top

Complete comfort

on any surface.

The specially designed Gypsy ensures that you get complete comfort, whatever be the driving surface.

  • Fabric upholstery in hard top
  • Vanity mirror on left sunvisor
  • Reclining and sliding front seats
  • Adjustable head restraints
  • Front package tray
  • Lockable glove compartment
  • Floor carpet
  • Steering lock
  • Hazard warning light
  • Hydraulic clutch in cooling fan
  • Distributor–less ignition
  • Multi-function levels
Exteriors Interiors in Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy


Take on the world with the Gypsy Advantage as it gives you the best power performance amongst petrol cars in India. These special features equip Gypsy to take on any surface and give it more power than most SUVs in India.

The advantage SUV in India
Higher ground clearance of 210 mm; Best for Hills


Higher ground clearance of 210 mm ensures better off-road handling. Its diaphragm spring clutch is designed to withstand higher rotational speeds and requires less release load, thereby reducing the wear and tear of parts.

1300 cc petrol engine, best for all weather conditions


The engine is high on thermal conductivity and heats up quickly even under extremely cold conditions. Thus, there are no starting problems even in the midst of snow.

A 1300 cc petrol engine, which is lighter than a diesel engine, results in a higher power to weight ratio. This ensures better control, more power and greater responsiveness, making for one of the raciest and the best petrol cars in India.

better highway mileage


5-speed gearbox ensures better highway mileage and allows high cruising speeds.

No problem in Desert too


The engine avoids overheating because its high thermal conductivity enables it to give off heat much faster than other petrol cars.

SUV for dirt tracks in India


Steering damper ensures that shocks encountered from bumps and potholes are not passed on to the steering wheel. Thus, any loss of control owing to unexpected obstacles is avoided.
Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is a lighter vehicle weighing in at 1020 kg (hard top) and 985 kg (soft top). This major advantage makes it one of the best petrol cars in India on sandy or muddy tracks. A heavier vehicle is bound to get stuck but the Gypsy keeps going.

80 bhp at 6000 rpm


The engine gives maximum power of 80 bhp @ 6000 rpm which makes for easier crossings. For better control, Gypsy comes with 4 wheel drive for better control and more power at the wheel. A higher power to weight ratio of 0.0812 ensures faster acceleration through streams and muddy terrain.



Maruti Gypsy Features
  Distributor-less ignition
  Hydraulic clutch in cooling fan
  Windshield washer and 3 speed wiper
  Hazard warning light
  Multi-function levers
  Fabric upholstery in hard top
  Vanity mirror on left sunvisor
  Reclining and sliding front seats
  Adjustable head restraints
  Front package tray
  Lockable glove compartment
  Floor carpet
  Steering lock
  Driver’s side rear view mirror
  Spare wheel cover
  Front footstep assembly*
  Foldable front windscreen**
  Fibre reinforced plastic*/Removable canvas top**
  Windshield washes and 3 speed wiper

*Gypsy Hard Top
** Gypsy Soft Top



  Type G13BB MPFI 16 Valve Gasoline
  Number of cylinders 4
  Displacement 1298 cc
  Maximum power 80 bhp @6000 rpm
  Maximum torque 103 Nm @ 4500 rpm
  Type Five forward(all synchromesh), One reverse
  Transfer Gearbox Two-speed
  Type Constant Mesh
  Transfer Gear Ratio High: 1.409
Low : 2.268
  Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 40
  Overall Length 4010 mm
  Overall Width 1540 mm
  Overall Height 1875/1845 mm*
  Wheelbase 2375 mm
  Front Track 1300 mm
  Rear Track 1310 mm
  Kerb Weight 985Kg/1020Kg*
  Gross Vehicle Weight 1585Kg/1620Kg*

*Gypsy Hard Top

  Front and Rear Leaf spring with Double action damper with Booster
  Front Disc
  Rear Drum
  Tyre Size F78-15-4 PR


And More

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    This iconic car needs no introduction. The very first Jeep to hit Indian Roads the Gypsy is a living legend. It was made specifically to tackle any Indian terrain which is why it has been widely used by the special and armed forces since its inception. The Gypsy uses a Rear Leaf spring with Double action damper suspension system which works wonders. The car is powered by a 1298cc G13BB MPFI 4-cylinder engine that can create a maximum power of 80bhp@6000 rpm and maximum torque of103Nm@4500 rpm. The car is very spacious and in the rear section usually has double facing benches, which means it can accompany up to 8 people. Because of the Gypsy’s off-road capabilities it has been widely used and celebrated as a rally vehicle and has won numerous national rally championships. Review Link
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    We see so many vehicles on road everyday but It's the Gypsy which makes anyone and everyone turn their head and take notice.Many vehicles have come and gone but Gypsy is still a headturner and remains the best looking vehicle to hit the road till date.Talking about comfort and interiors,they can always be improved as per our needs by little modifications as It is very spacious inside.I have a King and I have installed A/C and and It's like any other car now but with looks which you will never get in any Car or by spendind 20 Lakh on SUV's.Fuel economy is not as bad as everyone has assumed it to long as you do not engage 4WD, in City itself one gets about 10 to 12 kmpl and in IDC it can go upto 12 to 15 kmpl. And I completely agree wtih the Gypsy's advertising statement There's a Gypsy in everyone..Because I still see so many people irrespective of their age and irrespective of so many new ultra modern and luxurious vehicle flooding the market, dream of owning a Gypsy someday...which is under production for more than 20+ years now. Review Link
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    I'd like to describe Gypsy as a Rockstar...Likes of Backstrret Boys,britney Spears and jennifer Lopez etc have come and gone and we have already forgotten their songs too...Because there's a new song by some new artist playing on the Radio everyday.But we are still haunted by Dire Straits,Queen,Bryan Adams,Aerosmith,and Eagles etc...Ever wondered why ?They may be out of the scene now but still their songs remain in our mind and haunt us where ever we go.Gypsy has same qualities of a Rocksong.It may be outdated now but it's crude and tough and above all It still Rocks...It's like the firstever Highschool Crush whcih we will never forget for all of our life...I am sure in coming days few more Boy Bands and Bare Girls( I mean the sleek ,colourful Cars and SUV's) come and go but When we hear Hotel California,Yesterday Or Sultans of Swing we still stop and listen and then move forward...Gypsy is a rockstar which will remain fresh in our minds forever,may be even after the Video kills the Radiostar...And there are people like me who still goes and buy a Eagles record so I hope maruti does not discontinue producing the Gypsy and upgrades it. Review Link
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    A teenage crush come true for me . Its been 16 months since my gypsy owned me , and its going to own me for ever. Its specifications are in every review so I will skip them. My gypsy is 1.3 MPFI 2011 june , white hardtop. I use it only for my weekend fun drives and offroading, daily drive is a car. it has taken me places where I would never think of going even by walk. after I installed ac and a music system its much more comfortable. its a perfect all rounder avaliable in india. very easy on your pocket ( you can just fill it shut it and forget it ) ,its got rock solid mechanical underpinnings and a fantastic 4wd gearbox. It fills me with lot of confidence when I go offroading every weekend. Comming to the most important thing on every ones mind ( kitna deti hai ) , it has a decent fuel economy of 12 - 13 kmpl with ac on on highway drives at speeds of 90 - 100 kmph. local with AC on it should be around 9 - 10 kmpl , never checked it . Its much better than any mahindra jeep ( no offence to mahindras) . Drives very good on offroad and on road. Breaking is a bit of concern until you get a good feel of the gypsy, until then panic breaking is scary ( its not built for speed , its built to go offroad ) . I would suggest to buy a brand new gypsy rather than scrappy old jeeps or 2nd hand gypsies, if you want to enjoy a hassel free ownership for next 15 - 20 yrs. Review Link
Disclaimer: Maruti Suzuki India Limited reserves the right to change without notice on prices, colours, equipment specifications and models and also discontinue models. Accessories and features shown in the picture may not be part of the standard equipment and will differ according to the variant. For variant specific features, refer to the equipment list.